Why Hire an Interior Designer: 9 Benefits

Why Hire an Interior Designer: 9 Benefits

Congratulations! You’ve decided it’s time to make your house a home that reflects your style. You can envision how it will look. You might have even created a mood board and begun sourcing materials.

You may question whether you really need an interior designer, particularly if you’re looking to allocate as much budget as possible to purchasing quality items you’ll enjoy.

What if we told you that hiring an interior designer will make your budget go further and save you money? When you understand the role of an interior designer and the scope of their expertise, it is easy to appreciate how a skilled professional can help expedite and enrich the design process while preventing costly mistakes. 

Here are nine benefits of hiring an interior designer:  

1. Making Your Vision a Reality

Some people call it the “Wow Factor,” but the primary role of a skilled interior designer is to take the vision of your dream home that is in your head and turn it into a reality.

Often, homeowners know what they want, but can’t quite duplicate the picture they have formed in their mind. This is perfectly understandable. There are a lot of details to consider when undertaking an interior design project that most clients don’t think about.

An interior designer is a trained professional who understands the nuanced choices that pull a room together and make it feel like a home. Beyond furniture and wall coverings, this can include the layout, lighting, textiles, accessories, fixtures, and window treatments, to name a few.

2. Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when designing interiors. There are infinite combinations of furniture, colors, and layouts to choose from. Meanwhile, looking at images in magazines or on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration can quickly become a source of frustration.

It is also not uncommon for a homeowner to fall in love with a sofa or armchair only to have difficulty figuring out how it fits in with the rest of their furniture. An interior designer has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly incorporate a favorite item with other elements you might not have even considered for your living space.

3. Saving Money 

The idea of saving money by paying someone for interior design services might seem counterintuitive, but there are several ways a professional interior designer can help you save money, including:

  Avoiding Mistakes: An experienced design professional has a vast pool of knowledge to help you avoid costly mistakes. Whether it is steering you away from buying furniture that is either too large or too small for your space; recognizing that a wall covering may not adhere to your wall; or directing you away from choices that don’t align with your aesthetic, the guidance of a design professional can keep you from wasting money.  

  Staying within your Budget: Regardless of your budget constraints, an interior design professional can help ensure you achieve your design goals. They know how to stretch budgets for maximum efficiency and how to prioritize spending so that you don’t end up splurging on some items and foregoing other important elements for your home. 

  Choose High-ROI Investments: A good interior designer will have a strong command of real estate trends and will know what kinds of improvements will increase the value of your home. This expertise is particularly relevant if you are renovating with an eye toward putting your home on the market and are looking to maximize its value and augment its curb appeal.

4. Saving Time

Professional interior designers cultivate quality sources for everything they need to design beautiful spaces for their clients. This means you will not waste time scouring magazines and social media searching for items for your home.

It also means that the design process will be expedited and that you will have an ally who will anticipate potential problems and obstacles.

5. Functional Space

The expression “form follows function” refers to the 19th-century architectural principle asserting that the visual elements of space should reflect its function.

No matter how beautiful a room looks, it should be useful. The job of an interior designer is to match your aesthetic preferences with your functional values. Your designer will consider your family structure, interests, life stage, and how you plan to use a given room, to design it in a way that adheres to your aesthetic values and maximizes the use of your space.  

6. Leveraging Relationships 

An interior designer is a liaison to a network of home improvement professionals, including contractors, tradespeople, and home goods stores. The right team can ensure that your project runs smoothly and is completed both on time and on budget.

7. Access to Resources

In addition to having connections to home improvement professionals and tradespeople, designers often have access to coveted “trade only” merchandise, brands, products, and objets d’art. Your interior designer may know precisely where to source items, even when a website says it is out of stock. 

8. Benefiting from “Outside the Box” Thinking 

Remember, interior designers, are in the business of aesthetics, meaning they are trained to see a room from a different perspective than a layman. Sometimes it is challenging to understand the logic behind the collection of materials and fabrics presented by your interior designer, but you can rest assured that they have a finished look in mind that will make your home feel special.

What’s more, experienced interior designers have encountered countless design challenges. If there’s a tricky lighting situation or a room with awkward dimensions, your designer will be able to propose an innovative solution.   

9. Having an Advocate 

Interior designers have daily interactions with contractors and tradespeople. They understand pricing, timing, and what could happen during a renovation. The best designers know what questions to ask and will be your advocate when navigating difficult conversations. Most of all, your designer will look out for your best interests and ensure that everyone involved in your project is on track to achieve your goals.

Next Steps 

Hiring an interior designer is a big decision. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and provide more information about our services. Please feel free to send an email to david@dhd.nyc or call 917-744-7720.

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