What Does an Interior Designer Do – The Guide

What Does an Interior Designer Do – The Guide

With social media constantly showcasing immaculate, high-concept offices and flawlessly designed homes, it can seem as if professional interior designers are reserved exclusively for the curated posts of celebrity clients. What about everybody else? Is it possible to find a designer to transform your interiors to suit your functional needs while achieving your aesthetic dreams?

What does an interior designer do, exactly?

DHD Architecture and Interior Design provides architecture and interior design services for residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial projects. We share an array of expertise with our clients, ranging from architectural planning for new buildings to fine art consulting for the home and office. We invite you to experience our client-collaborative design process, detailed interior design plans, and personalized service.

Becoming an Interior Designer

To address the question, “What does an interior designer do?” let’s first explore the background and credentials that inform quality interior design. First and foremost, an interior designer is an individual who cares deeply about his or her clients’ aspirations and dreams for the spaces where they live and work. A talented interior designer will also have the necessary skills and experience to thoughtfully lead projects from the conceptual phase to a welcoming finished space.  

Decorators vs. Designers: 

What Does an Interior Designer Do? 

Depending on the scope of your projects, you may want to work with an interior designer instead of an interior decorator. While interior decorators can provide aesthetic design help, decorators and designers are not interchangeable roles.  

Interior decorators solely focus on helping people furnish and add decorative touches to an established space. They may help select color schemes, but beyond that they need to contract out all other services. Interior designers play a more comprehensive role.  

The Role and Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

Creating beautiful and functional spaces is the primary focus of all interior designers. While on the job, interior designers must:

  • Meet with the client to review their specific design goals 
  • Visit their space to see the design elements firsthand 
  • Discuss a budgeting plan
  • Design a space that fits the client’s specifications while remaining within the pre-set budget
  • Sketch plans and create models for both the client and the contractor
  • Map out the location of plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, and envisioned walls
  • Make sure that all plans are compliant with building codes and inspection regulations
  • Draft construction documents and utilize computer-aided drafting (AutoCAD)
  • Establish a realistic and agreeable timeline
  • Source and list all design materials and furniture, and then place orders
  • Assist clients with finding and bidding out contractors and subcontractors as needed
  • Promote sustainable design elements
  • Keep the client up to date on all proceedings
  • Oversee multiple projects at once while flawlessly meeting deadlines

Our design team at DHD Architecture and Interior Design includes innovative and experienced interior designers who offer a comprehensive scope of services to guide your project from concept to completion. We welcome the opportunity to elevate your space to perfectly suit your unique needs with our responsive and committed team.

What Does an Interior Designer Do in Different Environments?

Our designers at DHD Architecture and Interior Design provide services for a variety of spaces, including:

Commercial spaces

A professional workplace needs to be polished and reflect the company’s branding. It should also be comfortable for the office staff and designed to bring a natural sense of coherence to all the activity and equipment in the space.

Hospitality spaces 

Within the hospitality and tourism industry, you will find a significant push toward going green. Sustainable designs such as solar paneling and motion-activated light sources showcase a growing commitment to the environment.

Retail spaces 

When designing a retail space, an interior designer should consider accessibility for shoppers of any age or mobility level. The designer should promote a universal design with features such as incline ramps and motion-activated doors.  

Residential spaces 

Your home does not need to feel like a magazine spread, unless that is the style you are trying to achieve. A residential interior designer should want you to feel comfortable and happy in your home, regardless of whether your aesthetic goals include a minimalist couch or a custom hand-painted wall covering and chandelier. Your unique aesthetic should shine through with each carefully curated piece.

Some Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

  1. You will save time: Bypass the headache of searching for the right loveseat with your specific measurements and reading through building codes. Instead, offload the work to a professional interior designer, whose knows how to overcome design obstacles and manage any setbacks with expertise and precision.
  2. You will save some money: Have you ever attempted a DIY project only to find out that your new end table does not have the correct dimensions for your space or that the buttery yellow paint you just purchased looks like a neon Las Vegas sign when exposed to direct sun? Your interior designer has the experience to foresee such issues and will only place an order after thoughtful reflection and discussion.
  3. You will have access to reliable connections: Instead of using unreliable internet reviews to find qualified electricians or plumbers, your interior designer can provide you with dependable referrals. Designers have longstanding relationships with reputable professionals in their industry and work frequently with local contractors.
  4. You will have access to reserved resources: Your space does not have to look like a cookie-cutter storeroom when you work with a designer. Designers typically have access to exclusive products and fabrics that are not available to general shoppers, which allows you to fill your home with eclectic items that showcase your personality.
  5. You will have a stunning finished project. Designers are intentional about crafting your space to reflect your vision and maintain functionality. For example, they incorporate foot traffic and walking patterns into your design plan to ensure comfort and ease for your friends and family.

In short, with a designer’s help, you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing individualized living space for decades to come.

DHD Architecture and Interior Design

While compiling inspirational pictures on mood boards and comparing paint chips make designing solo seem appealing, interior design is a complex process that can become an expensive and daunting challenge when you encounter unforeseen regulations or subpar contractors falls through mid-project. 

We recommend bringing in an artistic and practical designing partner to uncomplicate your interior renovation journey.

Our designers at DHD Architecture and Interior Design offer exceptional full-service capabilities, including:

  • Identifying and discussing the client’s needs
  • Developing a budget
  • Creating a visually stunning and expertly crafted design plans
  • Delivering on installation expectations

Perhaps you want to turn your home office into a secret library or maybe you are ready to convert your child’s old bedroom into a home spa and gym. Whatever you can dream up, our team will bring it to fruition while keeping within budget and timeline expectations.

We proudly offer our services for New York residents and international clients at our New York and New Zealand practices. Visit our website to view our online portfolio of completed projects. For further information and news about DHD Architecture and Interior Design, feel free to visit our blog

If you have a new interior design project inquiry, please contact us via email at david@dhd.nyc or give us a call at 917-744-7720 today.

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