Steven Wakenshaw


Steven Wakenshaw, DHD Partner


Steven Wakenshaw is a partner at DHD and a Registered Architect in New York State. He has been with DHD since 2007, where he has led teams to create design-forward architecture and spaces on a multitude of project types.⁠

At DHD, he has specialized in ground-up residential development projects, high end residential interiors, hospitality conversions in manufacturing districts, creative commercial spaces and new single-family homes. Steven oversees a broad range of projects in the studio providing technical assistance to the project managers and other architects.⁠

Prior to joining DHD, Steven worked with a residential specialist firm based in New York where he contributed to work on all phases; design, documentation, project management, for numerous interior build-out projects in Manhattan and both renovation and ground up construction in Houston, Connecticut and East Hampton.⁠

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